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About Old Firehouse Smoke Shop

By Marc Munroe Dion

The Old Firehouse Smokeshop sells fine cigars, quality pipe tobacco, pipes and a world of smokers' accessories, including, lighters, cutters, humidors, tobacco pouches and more.

But this quaint New England shop also sells a way of life.

There was a time when living was an art, when things moved more slowly, when people sat on their front porches well past sunset, when dinner ended with a cigar and a day's work ended with a pipe of tobacco.

Those days live again every time you walk into The Old Firehouse.

In business for 14 years, The Old Firehouse is located in a building with a lot of history. After serving as a fire station in the early 19th century, the building went on to be a meeting place for Union Army veterans of the Civil War.

Today, the shop is in an up-and-coming section of Fall River, Massachusetts, a historic old mill town and home of Lizzie Borden, who may or may not have killed both her parents with a hatchet. In fact, the Borden family went to church next door to the Old Firehouse and Lizzie did or didn't commit the foul deed just a few blocks away,

Inside The Old Firehouse Smokeshop, owner John Brandt runs the kind of cigar and pipe shop you'd expect to patronize back in Lizzie's day. The shop has been redecorated but hasn't lost that Victorian feel. The ceiling fans, original wood moldings, even the cigar store Indian all remind us of slower, gentler times. Official Old Firehouse Dog Wyatt, a black cocker spaniel, is always on hand to welcome customers, too.

The shop has the biggest walk-in humidor in this part of New England, stocked with a great selection of cigars including La Flor Dominicana. Camacho, C.A.O. , Acid and other fine brands. Serious cigar lovers can rent individual, climate-controlled lockers to store their smokes.

Pipe smokers will find a huge selection of quality pipe tobaccos including more than three dozen bulk blends and tinned tobaccos from Peterson, McClelland, McBaren, Cornell & Diehl and more.

Glass cases around the store hold a wide variety of pipes made by Barling, Amorelli, Petserson and many of today's finer pipe makers.

The store holds regular cigar tasting events when smokers gather to try new brands, and enjoy snacks and beverages along with an evening of camaraderie. Special prices and deals make these events even better.

The Old Firehouse offers sales and special promotional events throughout the year and smart smokers drop in often, just to check the deals .

The old-time tobacco shop wasn't just a place to buy cigars or pipe tobacco. It was a gathering place. The Old Firehouse Smokeshop brings back that tradition. There are comfortable chairs and a big screen television that's always tuned to the big game. Regulars and first time visitors are welcome to sit and talk while enjoying a good smoke and some good conversation. In warm weather, customers often sit on the front porch.

Located at 116 Rock St. in Fall River, Massachusetts, The Old Firehouse Smokeshop is convenient to Rt. 24 and Interstate 95.

These days, life moves so fast that it's hard to find time for a relaxing worry-free hour or two. But it wasn't always that way. Your grandfather and your great-grandfather knew the value of a good cigar, a good pipe, a good dog, some good conversation and a good smoke shop.

At the Old Firehouse Smokeshop, they're modern enough to offer cigars, pipes and tobaccos from all over the world and they're old-fashioned enough to offer you the time to enjoy conversation, friendship and a good smoke.

Drop by and get back to basics.

Old Firehouse Smoke Shop
116 Rock Street
Fall River, MA 02720
Mon - Sun 9am - 7pm
International Pipe Smoking Day Old Firehouse Smoke Shop only sells to persons 18 years of age or older
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